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Passion & Authenticity

Program & Coaching for Sustainable Growth

This empowering growth space for innovation-minded individuals provides useful resources to advance, improve, and inspire ideas.

Digital Transformation

Growth Mantra

Enlarging a company's growth zone and systematically building up capabilities for sustainable growth & success.

Project Management

Change Mantra

Engaging other individuals and effectively disseminating the New via m-channels to support continuous innovation & change.

Business Model Innovation

Scale Up Mantra

Learning by experimentation and successfully selecting ideas to resonate with stakeholders and reach new markets.

NEW: 3rd Edition, Strategy and Communication for Innovation

Latest Insights & Case Examples on Open Innovation & Communication

The third edition provides guidance for managers seeking to understand the diverse ways by which they can leverage strategic activities and communications to accelerate value creation and innovation & growth in the digital economy. A key theme is the provision of an integrated perspective to bridge the gap between innovation management and communication management at both strategic and operational levels. It also makes an important contribution to the evolving academic domain by providing the latest insights on innovation communication & strategic innovation.

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Program & Coaching for Sustainable Growth | Pfeffermann Strategy & Research

Diving Into New Worlds

Advanced Co-Creation & Strategic Thinking

My interests cover organization design and new business development, specialized in innovation communication as a dynamic capability and open culture / #multiart.

I am a passionate, empathic systemizer who likes good books, photography + scent arts, sports and food. I like connecting with mindful individuals and diving deeper into concepts, carefully analyzing, and discovering, co-creating & sharing new worlds.

Scientific Adviser

Joining your projects and initiatives as a professional scientific adviser

Interim & Coaching

Leading and coaching cross-functional teams in strategic and co-creation projects

Research & Publications

Diving into topics and providing latest insights on strategic innovation & growth

The Core. - Growth Program

Simply. Authentic. Capability-Driven.

This program is your resourceful builder focusing on the core of your business and organization strengths. It builds up the dynamic capability of innovation communication to enhance a growth mindset and corporate innovation (culture) at both individual and organizational levels.

  Implementation of a growth mindset

  Building a new resource base

  Foster your organization strengths

Signature Journey. - Coaching

Strong Duo Partner. Alignment & Leadership.

This coaching focuses on action-based learning and new methods & instruments to be supportive along your own innovation journey in an effective, compelling and measurable way. You can choose your services and get latest insights in (new) business development and strategic innovation.

  Team support in business development

  Workshop to develop smart strategies

  Counseling to amplify your business

The Communicating Mind

What Inspires You? Empower Your Ideas and Make a Difference...

This eBook is your must-read if you have a keen interest in innovation and business development in the digitalized information age. You can learn how you systematically and more effectively design communications to shape and accelerate innovation. The eBook presents 15 types of communication models and its principles related to three perspectives: Strategy, communication, and innovation.

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Program & Coaching for Sustainable Growth | Pfeffermann Strategy & Research

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Program & Coaching for Sustainable Growth | Pfeffermann Strategy & Research

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